Friday, January 11, 2008

Why is it . . .

Why is it . . . that it takes me 5 minutes, 33 seconds to pick up all the toys and it only takes my girls 45 seconds to dump them all out into a pile on the floor?

Why is it . . . that the minute I sit down with Baby Lulu to play, Maddy decides that we have the exact toy that SHE wanted to play with?

Why is it . . . that both my girls need to be hosed down after each meal? Heck, for that matter, the whole kitchen needs to be hosed down!

Why is it . . . that there are fifty trillion toys in our home and my girls only want to play with Mama’s purse?

Why is it . . . that I can change a diaper and in less than five minutes, the fresh new diaper is already soiled? It’s like they’re waiting . . . “Ah ha! Mom’s gonna change my diaper, so I’ll just hold it until I have that new diaper on – it’ll drive her crazy!”

Why is it . . . that today my children love oranges – in fact, would eat one at every meal if I’d let them and tomorrow they won’t even taste an orange?

Why is it . . . that I have to say, “Don’t step on your sister!”?

Why is it . . . that prior to having children, I could cook, clean and work a full time job but now, as a stay-at-home-mom with two children, can barely keep my head above water sometimes?

Why is it . . . that prior to having children while I was working a “full time job”, if the laundry wasn’t completed, I let myself off the hook because I worked a “full time job”?

Why is it . . . that raising two children, cooking, cleaning and paying bills isn’t considered to be a “full time job”?

Why is it . . . that the Lord God above chose me . . .‘lil ‘ole me, to be the mother of two beautiful little girls?


At A Hen's Pace said...

These are profound mysteries, Summer, that parents have been pondering across the ages!


Jeanne said...

I LOVE this entry! You know, I cleaned and cleaned while my husband was away on his mission trip- and when he returned, the only thing still clean was my bedroom. *Sigh*

:) God bless!