Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grandma's Scriptures

I’ve decided to add a new element to my Ohio Diary. Grandma W. (the owner of the home we are staying in right now) is a wonderful Christian lady. I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing her for a few years now, but anyone who has crossed her path knows of her love of Christ. If you were to walk through her house, you would notice her collection of angels. Some are glass, some are plastic and some have a wonderful sentimental story. What you’d also notice, though, is that bible scripture is posted in so many places around this house. Now, I’ve been in this house several times, but only now have I noticed just how many scriptures fill this home. As I look at them, I think, how appropriate. And as I read so many of them, I begin to wonder what that scripture meant to her. What was going on in her life when these scriptures really spoke to her? Did a loving friend know of some trial going on in her life and give her the scripture plaque as a form of encouragement? Or was it her loving daughter that saw this scripture and thought back to some time that she and her mom had a conversation and this scripture helped in her time of need? Or maybe her son gave her this beautiful plaque? Or even one of her four grandchildren or maybe even one of her eleven grandchildren?

There are several of these different scripture plaques placed throughout the house. And though we’ve all probably heard these scriptures before, I wanted to share one with you ever now and then --- in honor of Grandma W.

This verse is posted just above the fireplace on a nice little plaque.
“My grace is sufficient for thee.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Oh, how true! And I can’t help but wonder how this verse took Grandma through some tough times, and probably even carried her through some good times. Posted there on the fireplace, it is an ever present reminder that the Lord’s grace is ALL we need.

2 comments: said...

God's grace is simply amazing. There is nothing quite like it! It's a short verse with great meaning! Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful verse to keep in the back recesses of our minds to pull out "when needed". Thanks! Pianomum