Saturday, October 20, 2007

Birth Control Debate

So, have you guys read about this? The title of the article is "School Board Oks Birth Control Pill for Middle School." Did I read that correctly? Does it say Middle School? I'm not sure how you all feel about this subject, but I feel inclined to discuss it. I'm raising two girls. Granted, they are quite young now and not concerned with birth control, boys and the such. But, if we're okaying birth control here in the year 2007, what will we be okaying when they are of age and concerned about boys and all. It's such a scary thought.

I grew up in a loving Christian home. I was taught that my body belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. It it holy temple, used for his work. It is not mine, but only loaned to me to do work for the Lord. In all honesty, I don't recall ever having the "sex" talk with my parents. I just knew that the Bible said to wait . . . and so I waited. But, I grew up, as most of us did, without internet and limited exposure to television. Our kids, unfortunately, have so much more to contend with. Sex is constantly being thrown infront of their face. And now, not only are they seeing it everywhere, the middle school that they attend will be able to hand them birth control, if they so please. I mean, am I just old fashioned, or is this idea wrong? The idea that we need to control birth at the ages between 11 and 14 is scary. In my opinion, we shouldn't be teaching them how to control birth -- we SHOULD be teaching them how to control their body and how to control emotions and urges. Am I right? And where are the parents? I stand by what I've said before . . . I've never understood why you have to take a test to drive a car, or be employed, or have a degree, but anyone is allowed to birth children. I know! I know! It would be impossible to regulate that -- but what I'm saying is that we need to think about these things! Unfortunately, it is left to the schools sometimes to raise children. There are so many absentee parents who have handed off their responsibilities to the public school system. So, it's no wonder why the school system feels that they have the authority to give your child birth control. I mean, after all, they do teach our children how to have sex . . . they are arming them with condoms . . . so, now they feel the need to control what they are teaching. And I know that there are exceptions -- this isn't happening in all schools everywhere. But wake up people -- it only took one school to remove prayer and God and bibles and the others followed suite pretty quickly. I don't know about you, but I . . . let me say it again, I, I, I want to be the one making the decisions for my children. Until the age of 18, these girls are the responsibility of my husband and myself. And if my daughters feel at some point that they are in need of birth control, I need to be involved. I need to know why? Even if it's for pure medical reasons (which there are some), I need to know!

However, on the other side of the coin . . . what about those parents who are not involved? What about the kids that are having sex and getting pregnant and unable to take care of the child because she is a child herself? I can see that the school system feels the need to step in and help these girls.

So, what do you think? If the parents have handed off their responsibilities, is it up to the school system to take over? Should they be handing out birth control?

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's a hairy situation around here

Well, thanks to the inclement weather around here yesterday, I was unable to keep my hair appointment -- actually, the salon was without power too. What hair appointment you say? Oh yes, the hair appointment I made with a new hair stylist. Someone . . . ahem, Teena, cough! cough!. . . was nice enough to be honest with me and tell me that my latest hair cut left a little to be desired, so to speak! Y'all . . . I knew it! A girl knows when she has a horrific haircut. But at that point, what do you do? I mean, it was really too short for anyone to "fix". So, I took two weeks, let the hair grow and am hoping that this new stylist can work some miracles -- literally! I'm very excited! I've heard some really good things about her and I can't wait to hear her creative ideas.

If all goes as well as I think it will, I'll post some pictures this evening.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, I'm here to report that we survived a tornado and we're doing ok. At about 11:00 a.m. this morning, a tornado came down our street. Houses up and down the left side of our street all have substantial damage. Praise the Lord, though, we live on the right side of the street. There were no injuries in our neighborhood - just damage to property and houses. The house across the street has a tree through the living room. The house next to that one has the front windows blown out. We had damage to the yard --- flowers and trees uprooted --- but nothing compared to others. I'm still waiting to hear from Robert --- he was to fly out at the Navy Base today. I'll update as soon as I know more. Please pray for Pensacola, FL -- we are accustomed to dealing with hurricanes -- not tornadoes!

For more info, go here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

It's been so crazy around here that even Baby Lulu is trying to escape!

For more Wordless Wednesday, go here.

Wordless Wednesday - Technical Difficulties

Well, I've been trying to post my "Wordless Wednesday" picture, but blogger is having technical difficulties. So . . . I'll post as soon as I can!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things that scare me!

This post is written for October's Write Away contest over at Scribbit.

Things That Scare Me

1. Walking into my daughter's room, looking in her crib and finding that she has gone #2 and taken her diaper off. Poo is everywhere!

2. Spiders . . . living, dead, fake . . .makes no difference. Spiders are good for an instant heart attack!

3. Being pregnant only 6 months after delivering my first child! You laugh, but seriously, that happened. And it sure scared the daylights out of me! Yep, being a mama to two in fifteen short months is a reality check for anyone.

4. Driving in rain. I'm absolutely terrified of driving when I know the roads are wet. I feel a little out of control and I'm always afraid the car is going to slide. Ok, little confession: that actually happened. I was sixteen, it was late, I was driving in the rain and tried to make a left hand turn and then all of the sudden, I lost control and the car went spinning. I ended up in the other lane turned completely around. It was one of the scariest nights of my life. But could you not tell my Dad, please? Let's just keep this between us, ok?

Oh yes, now back to my list . . .

5. Snakes - if the heart attack from a spider doesn't kill me, a snake will. 'Nuff said! I can't even discuss them without shivering!

6. The noise our can lights in our kitchen make after being on all day, and now it's dead of night and completely quiet and yes, I'm all alone and oh my goodness, what was that noise? Some one's breaking in! I should call the police! Where's my cell phone? (fumbling in the dark) Oh wait, no! It's those stupid lights in the kitchen cooling off! Uuuuugggggghhhh!

7. Being chased. Stop laughing! Seriously, I'm afraid of being chased. Even if it's for a game or just because, don't do it! I.HATE.IT! What starts off as a game, me laughing having a good time, running from someone, turns into panic and oh my gosh I can't stop running because this person will catch me. Oh no, I'm freaking out, stop chasing me, STOP chasing me, STOP.CHASING.ME! Seriously! Grow up already!

8. And my last and only serious "thing that scares me" is cancer. It's everywhere! And everyone has it! Well, not everyone. But I venture to say that most people have been affected by it in some way or another. Either a love one has had it or a friend of a friend . . . scary! And it just shows up. You're living life, having a good time and then all of the sudden, BAM! (Did I scare ya?) Cancer! Thank goodness my faith and trust lie reside in the Lord Jesus Christ or I'd REALLY be scared!

So, I hope that you have enjoyed my list. Thanks to Michelle over at Scribbit for hosting this piece of bloggy fun! Please feel free to leave me a comment telling me what scares you . . . or are you too scared to comment?!?

Too old to be doing this . . .

My nephew's birthday party was the past Saturday. We had a great time! My brother rented this HUGE blow up water slide. I thought I would share with you a couple of photos from our big day!

Maddy is pointing out to Papa where they'll likely land . . .

Papa explains to Maddy where they'll likely land . . .

Papa rethinks sliding at his age . . .

And down they go!!

Hard lesson learned!

Ok, so this is what happens when Hubby comes home after three weeks of being away.

Look closely - that's the lining hanging out the end of the legs of the pants. What you see is my favorite Ann Taylor trousers (no, I did not pay $168 for them -- they were on sale!). They are dry clean only. Well, Hubby, seeing as he's been gone for the last three weeks, was unaware that the laundry basket held all laundry - even my dry clean items. So, in his attempt to "help out", he washed my trousers (sniff! sniff!)

His response, "I don't think it's such a good idea to put the dry clean items in the laundry basket!"

My response, "Well I never thought you'd actually wash them!"

To my pants: I will miss you dearly. You were one of 3 pairs of pants that actually fit me. You were elegant, sophisticated and brought out the best in me. I'll never forget you. Rest in peace my friend. (sniff! sniff!)

I'm back . . . REALLY!

Ok, well as you can tell, I'm still working on updating the blog. I need to settle on some sort of picture to go up top there. Then, I'll put a few finishing touches. I just can't seem to get it all the way I want it. Anyway . . .

I know I've been scarce around here lately -- I do apologize. My ex-husband's father's funeral was yesterday. The viewing was Sunday night. The family seems to be holding up relatively well. And I know this sounds selfish, but I'm glad to be back in my old routine . . . and glad to be back here in bloggy world. I may not have been posting, but I have been keeping up with my bloggy friends. So . . . I'm off to create some posts! REALLY!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Under Construction

Please excuse the mess, but me and my blog are "Under Construction" right now! Please feel free to stick around, wander and piddle around, though. You're perfectly safe here . . . just wear a pair of sunglasses :-)

Hey -- and check out my new little button over there on the right. Yep, I'm gonna have a giveaway. Just click the button and you'll get all of the rules. I'll post more details in days to come.

Y'all come back now, ya hear!