Thursday, August 2, 2007

Divine Love

"God's love does not love that which is worthy of being loved, but it creates that which is worthy of being loved."

-Martin Luther

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday #2

Works for Me Wednesday
Here's our instructions:

WFMW: The Great Parenting Advice Edition. What parenting lessons have you learned the hard way? What would you tell a first-time parent? Save us all some headaches and share!

I really don't have some great parenting advice. My girls are young and I'm still learning so much. But . . . here it goes:

Maddy1 has an aversion to green foods (i.e. beans, broccoli). Anytime we sit something green on her plate, she licks it and says, "No, no" and proceeds to hand it back to me. So, my husband thought of this great idea. Maddy1 loves fruit smoothies. Daddy adds some veggies to the fruit smoothie and she eats it up! It's a great for her to have a tasty, cool treat this summer while also fulfilling her veggy quota.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meals Make Memories!

I'm participating in Fried Okra's "Meals Make Memories" carnival. Head on over there and check out some other lovely stories.

My most memorable meal . . . well, this will sound silly and it's pretty simple in nature. I was a young girl when my parents divorced. We spent a week with each parent, rotating throughout the year. My Dad did the best he could to take care of 3 children on his own. I think he did very well -- but that's another post altogether. Anyway, one night, my brothers and I asked,

Us: "What's for dinner?"

Dad: "It's a surprise!"

Us: "What is it daddy?"

Dad: "I told you, it's a surprise!"

We sat down at the table to find little hotdog franks wrapped in dough. It wasn't much, but they were so good! Little did we know, our surprise was actually pigs in a blanket.

From that day forward we asked for "surprises" atleast once a week.

Thanks Dad for taking the time to make something so simple into something so special.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Muted Monday

My version of Wordless Wednesday. I didn't have time to post, so I'll just share this pic. Pay close attention to her shirt :-)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Daddy's little girl

I thought that family (and some friends) might find this funny!

Maddy1 has gotten into the habit of blaming her Dad for things that she does that she knows her Mommy thinks is unacceptable. For example, the other night, it was just me and the girls (Hubby happened to be out of town) hanging out in the living room, near bedtime when all of the sudden, I heard someone pass gas . . . break wind . . . whatever you want to call it. Well, knowing that it was not me, and knowing that I was holding Baby Lulu and didn't feel any vibration come from her, I knew that the source of the sound had to have been Maddy1. So, here's how our conversation went:

Mom: "Maddy, what was that?"

Maddy1: Looking surprised . . . "Oh!"

Mom: "Maddy, did you just toot?"

Maddy1: Shaking her head . . . "No . . . Daddy!"

She is her Daddy's girl!!