Friday, July 13, 2007

Baby Lulu's first tooth

I can't believe it! At six and a half months of age, my Baby Lulu is cutting her first tooth. Maddy1 didn't cut any teeth until the age of 1. In fact, we started to worry and wonder if she was ever going to get any teeth. But here's Baby Lulu, ready to catch up with her sister. Everyone has asked if she has been fussy. No, not at all. In fact, I would have never known she was cutting a tooth had she not grabbed my finger, stuck it in her mouth, and bit down on it. All of the sudden, I felt something sharp digging into my finger -- it hurt! So, we say YEA for Baby Lulu!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My visit to the waterpark and more . . .

Well, where do I begin . . .

I love computers. I absolutely love the age of the internet, where with one click of a button you can know anything about anybody at anytime. However, when the computer is malfunctioning and you completely rely on that computer to complete online banking, blog posts :-), home business/accounting, picture publishing . . . you get the idea -- when that computer goes "ca put", you're left wondering how you will survive. Isn't that hilarious? I never thought that I would ever NEED a computer as much as I have grown to rely on this one. Well, anyway, I say all of that because my computer decided to get sick a few days ago. And because I'm pretty techy, I thought I could fix it myself. Well, I surrendered this morning and took it to the local computer shop. They gave it a little shock and just like new, here I am up and running again. Dear Lord, thank you for the people who have the patience to work on my computer.

Other news . . . I went to a local waterpark with my 10 year old cousin yesterday. Her mother was out of town for a couple of days with her sisters, so she wanted to stay with me and the girls. We had a great time. Junk food, facials, movies and then the waterpark. Let me say --- this year, I turned the big 30! And boy, did I feel it yesterday at the waterpark. We went on every slide in the park. There is this one, the Camacausey. It drops straight down from about . . . I don't know . . . 100 feet in the air . . . give or take a few feet?!? We climbed the endless number of steps to the top of this big platform. There are 3 slides at the top of the platform - color coded pink, green and blue. The pink slide dropped with two small humps in the middle. The green slide was sort of a tunnel with some natural light. You wind your way down through a number of curves and dips. And the blue slide -- drops straight down. People have been known to go flying off the slide --- well, not really - but it sure looked possible. I could feel my heart racing as we approached the platform. I'm not sure if that was because we climbed so many stairs or because I was deathly afraid to plummet down the blue slide. I kept thinking, I'm going to be that one freak accident --that one person who goes flying off the slide and lands on the concrete. So, anyway ---platform - oh yes. I guess my cousin could sense my fear because she leaned over to me and said, "You don't have to go down that one if you're scared." Scared? I've birthed two babies! How bad can this slide be? I convinced myself to think of it as sort of "ripping off a bandaid." It would be quick and the pain will be over before I know it. So, I looked at her and said, "Oh no! I'm not scared! I'm going on that blue slide." So, she went first (she wanted to see my face as I came down the slide!) And I climbed on the slide, crossed my legs, crossed my arms over my chest, and said a quick prayer. The teenage lifeguard standing next to the slide said, "It's not scary --- none of our rides are scary!" Then she gave me a big push. Half a second later, I'm laying at the bottom of the slide, digging my bathing suit out of my backside. I LIVED! And to tell you the truth -- it really wasn't that bad. We had a great time!