Monday, January 7, 2008

No, I'm not pregnant, but . . .

So, I'm finally here with my announcement. And I must confess, the announcement really isn't that "big". Sorry to trick you . . . but it didn't even cross my mind that everyone would jump to the conclusion once I said I had a big announcement. Ok, maybe it crossed my mind twenty times once.

So, for the announcement . . . well, there are several. So, I'll just make a list:

1) I'll be spending the next two months of my life in the lovely cold, snowy state of Ohio in my hubby's hometown, right smack dab next door to my mother/father in law.

2) I'll be living in a farmhouse that was built in the 1860's. It is located on the family farm.

3) In reference to #2, I'll be living without some of the modern conveniences of my home, i.e. wireless internet. Yes, I'm dealing with dial up, gasp! The microwave is quite old and slow. It has a turn dial to adjust the cooking time. Heck, I'm even percolating my own coffee -- no Mr. Coffee here!

So, with all that being said, I'm turning my blog into sort of a diary, for the following reasons (I'm in a list it mood today):

1) It's a neat, easy way to keep family back home informed of our happenings.

2) Don't you think it will be interesting to hear about a Florida, city girl transplanted to Ohio in a town with population of about 12,000, living in an old house without some of the modern conveniences? Well . . . ok, so maybe it's not that interesting . . . but will you vow to read it anyway?

3) I've never lived away from my hometown or my family. This will be a journey . . . one with good days and one with bad days. I may need YOU. Yes, you! I may need some encouragement. I may need a friend. So . . . won't you be a pal and keep coming back!

Well, I guess that's about it. I do sincerely ask for your patience -- I am dealing with dial up and other electrical global verbal technical difficulties.

Update on the girls:

Both were put on antibiotics by the Urgent Care doctor for ear infection and such. Both seem to be doing much, much better.



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Susan said...

Hi Summer,
I'm an old (yes, old!) college friend of Rob's and I've been frequenting your blog since he included the web address in your Christmas letter. I must say that I'm enjoying it very much! Thanks for letting me nose in and get to know you better--I know if we were to meet we'd be good pals, and I'm happy to see Rob (finally) found a great wife who adores him! I promise to check often and post notes here and there....Stay warm this winter in Ohio and make lots of snow angels....Oh, and I live in Atlanta, but I'm pulling for OSU tonight; LSU just flat out gets on my nerves! :)
Susan B