Friday, October 5, 2007

I need a face lift . . .

Ok, not me . . . but my blog seriously needs one. This picture under my header has GOT.TO.GO! I'm not sure what I'm going to use to replace it. But, I'm going to try to do a little lift here, a little tuck there, a little nip over there! So, stay tuned and let me know what you think. And if you have any suggestions, please, please leave me a comment. Unless you're one of those people who just lurk . . . I'm not naming any names . . . cough! Teena cough! Hey . . . just kidding! I love visitors -- lurkers, commenters, whatever!

I'm Back!

I must apologize for being gone so long having not given notice or prepared you. I know thousands . . . ok hundreds . . . ok all two of you who read my blog, have probably been wondering what's going on. Well, I'll tell ya, I've been one busy bee. I've been trying to complete an online course. It is a timed course and I'm required to be "logged in" 63 hours. So . . . that's what I've been doing. Well, that, along with my other wifely, motherly, husbandly . . . well you know, all that other stuff. So, I guess some updates are in order.

Hubby is still gone. We are missing him sooooo much. The girls and I have become accustomed to him being gone no longer than 12 or 13 days at a time. But this time, he will have been gone three weeks upon his return! We are having serious withdrawals. Maddy's asked about him frequently. I've been relaying her messages to him via phone. The girls are growing up so fast. Maddy has become quite the little talker. And I'm not talking about the baby talk she was doing just a week or two ago. No m'am. She's a real little person now . . . and talking like one. I love this age. It is so entertaining. She keeps me in stitches.

Baby Lulu is also reaching milestones. I went to get her from her crib after naptime and she was standing. Yes . . . I said STANDING in her crib. She was the cutest thing ever! She wants so badly to walk. She's constantly pulling up on furniture. And I'll have to admit, I haven't encouraged her. I really want her to wait and let her Daddy see this acheivement. So, I'm playing bad mama for a couple of days so as to keep her my little crawling baby for just a little while longer. Daddy . . . come home soon!

My ex-father-in-law has really gone down hill. He is basically sedated now and they are just waiting things out. The family seems to be hanging in there. I spoke with my ex-husband today and he sounded like he was handling things as best as someone can in that kind of situation. Please continue to pray for them.

Ok - now back to me. I could hardly wait to share this. Get ready to clap . . .
I wore my skinny jeans yesterday! Yes! Yes! My prepregnancy, size 4, very stylish, been missing for two years, jeans! I'm so psyched. I'm not sure what brought about this miracle, but I was able to button them and they fit just as good as ever. I was expecting to have a bit of a "muffin top", but guess what -- I didn't! Icing on the cake girls . . . just icing on the cake! I've been wearing maternity clothes for the last two and half years-- I've been soooooo ready to wear stylish, hip, form fitting outfits. I would have taken a picture for your viewing pleasure but my camera is with hubby right now. So get ready huney! When you come home, you might not even recognize me. I'll be that sexy, hip mama greeting you at the door with a big 'ole kiss --- atleast that better be me, mister!

Well, I promise not to be gone so long again. Thanks for coming back . . . you are coming back, right? Please come back!