Friday, January 11, 2008

Why is it . . .

Why is it . . . that it takes me 5 minutes, 33 seconds to pick up all the toys and it only takes my girls 45 seconds to dump them all out into a pile on the floor?

Why is it . . . that the minute I sit down with Baby Lulu to play, Maddy decides that we have the exact toy that SHE wanted to play with?

Why is it . . . that both my girls need to be hosed down after each meal? Heck, for that matter, the whole kitchen needs to be hosed down!

Why is it . . . that there are fifty trillion toys in our home and my girls only want to play with Mama’s purse?

Why is it . . . that I can change a diaper and in less than five minutes, the fresh new diaper is already soiled? It’s like they’re waiting . . . “Ah ha! Mom’s gonna change my diaper, so I’ll just hold it until I have that new diaper on – it’ll drive her crazy!”

Why is it . . . that today my children love oranges – in fact, would eat one at every meal if I’d let them and tomorrow they won’t even taste an orange?

Why is it . . . that I have to say, “Don’t step on your sister!”?

Why is it . . . that prior to having children, I could cook, clean and work a full time job but now, as a stay-at-home-mom with two children, can barely keep my head above water sometimes?

Why is it . . . that prior to having children while I was working a “full time job”, if the laundry wasn’t completed, I let myself off the hook because I worked a “full time job”?

Why is it . . . that raising two children, cooking, cleaning and paying bills isn’t considered to be a “full time job”?

Why is it . . . that the Lord God above chose me . . .‘lil ‘ole me, to be the mother of two beautiful little girls?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grandma's Scriptures

I’ve decided to add a new element to my Ohio Diary. Grandma W. (the owner of the home we are staying in right now) is a wonderful Christian lady. I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing her for a few years now, but anyone who has crossed her path knows of her love of Christ. If you were to walk through her house, you would notice her collection of angels. Some are glass, some are plastic and some have a wonderful sentimental story. What you’d also notice, though, is that bible scripture is posted in so many places around this house. Now, I’ve been in this house several times, but only now have I noticed just how many scriptures fill this home. As I look at them, I think, how appropriate. And as I read so many of them, I begin to wonder what that scripture meant to her. What was going on in her life when these scriptures really spoke to her? Did a loving friend know of some trial going on in her life and give her the scripture plaque as a form of encouragement? Or was it her loving daughter that saw this scripture and thought back to some time that she and her mom had a conversation and this scripture helped in her time of need? Or maybe her son gave her this beautiful plaque? Or even one of her four grandchildren or maybe even one of her eleven grandchildren?

There are several of these different scripture plaques placed throughout the house. And though we’ve all probably heard these scriptures before, I wanted to share one with you ever now and then --- in honor of Grandma W.

This verse is posted just above the fireplace on a nice little plaque.
“My grace is sufficient for thee.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Oh, how true! And I can’t help but wonder how this verse took Grandma through some tough times, and probably even carried her through some good times. Posted there on the fireplace, it is an ever present reminder that the Lord’s grace is ALL we need.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 3 Ohio: January 4, 2008

Temp: 19
Wind: Gosh, 12-15 mph
Snow: 2-3 inches on the ground

Today, I shoveled snow for the first time. Boy, was this comical! I know, some of you would have paid money to see this little event. I’ll attempt to tell you about it . . .

This morning, I took a glance outside and saw lots of snow on the steps. Thinking like an Ohioan (is that what they’re called?), I decided that the steps needed to be cleared. So, I bundled up – cap, check; scarf, check; coat, check; boots, oops, still haven't bought those yet. I picked up the shovel from the back porch and threw it over my shoulder with confidence. And I must admit, I headed outdoors, nose in the air, in a cocky, sort of fashion. “Shoveling snow . . . how hard can this be? This stuff actually reminds me of Splenda. So light and fluffy. Oh yes, this will be easy peasy.”

So, I picked up the shovel and dug into the fluffy stuff. So, neat – I had a big heaping shovel full. And then it occurred to me . . . now that I have the snow on the shovel, where do I put it? Seriously? If I sling it to my left, the wind will just pick it up and blow it right back. If I sling it to my right, they’ll be a huge pile of snow right there against the house.

Now, unbeknownst to me, shoveling snow is apparently a fine tuned skill. And in my run down of “things to know”, Hubby and I never covered the “shoveling snow” section.

So, I stood there, contemplating my plan. Where do I put the snow? Where do I put the snow? To the right, yes definitely to the right. And so I did. And I even shoveled the front steps. I stood back, gazing proudly at my accomplishment.

Fast forward about an hour later. My father-in-law, knocked on the door. Glad to see a familiar face, I invited him in. But, he declined and said he had just come down to bring a couple of items and to shovel the snow. And I thought to myself . . . "Can't he see that I just did that? I mean, I know I'm a newbie, but surely what I did will suffice, right?" Now, let me tell you about my father-in-law. He’s an older man of age, but with the body and energy of a teenager. Seriously . . . he can run circles around most people my age. So, he went to shoveling and man was I impressed! He had a shovel and this huge broom. Now when it comes to shoveling snow, my father-in-law has “skills!” By the time that he had finished, he had the whole patio and steps clean as a whistle. He even did the sidewalks. Not a drop of snow remained! Wow!

So, I guess I write all of this to tell you that this Florida girl shoveled snow for the first time. Oh, and I guess to say “thanks” Dad W for taking care of me and my girls.

And now . . . I'll leave you with this picture:

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 1 Ohio: January 2, 2008

Temp: 14 degrees F, -15 windchill
About 2 inches of snow

Well, this is my first day without Robert here. Maddy had a bad night last night. Let me back up and give you some history here. At home, Maddy and Baby Lulu share a room. They both still sleep in a crib – Maddy’s crib is white and Baby Lulu’s is oak/natural wood. When we set off on our journey to Ohio, we decided not to load up the Pack-n-Play because we really did not have the room in the car. I knew Hubby’s parents still had a white crib that we could borrow and I assumed that Maddy could just sleep in a twin bed that was there in the room that she would be sharing with Baby Lulu. So, fast forward . . . we arrive at Grandma’s house. Dad W had already set up the crib for Baby Lulu and we were ready for the girls to get a nap. So, we promptly put them to bed after we arrived. We explained to Madison that the twin bed is a “big girl” bed. And that since she is a “big girl” now, she’ll be sleeping in the “big girl” bed. Her response: “I not a big girl. No bed Mama.”

Since then, she has continually climbed out of the bed and into Baby Lulu’s crib. So, I've resolved to put Maddy in the white crib and Baby Lulu in the natural/oak colored play pen. I think this will work better as Maddy relates to the white crib as being her crib from home.

Today, there is snow, snow and more snow. Pretty chilly outside, but quite warm inside. Thank you Lord for heat! I think we are expecting to have some warm weather soon.

Monday, January 7, 2008

No, I'm not pregnant, but . . .

So, I'm finally here with my announcement. And I must confess, the announcement really isn't that "big". Sorry to trick you . . . but it didn't even cross my mind that everyone would jump to the conclusion once I said I had a big announcement. Ok, maybe it crossed my mind twenty times once.

So, for the announcement . . . well, there are several. So, I'll just make a list:

1) I'll be spending the next two months of my life in the lovely cold, snowy state of Ohio in my hubby's hometown, right smack dab next door to my mother/father in law.

2) I'll be living in a farmhouse that was built in the 1860's. It is located on the family farm.

3) In reference to #2, I'll be living without some of the modern conveniences of my home, i.e. wireless internet. Yes, I'm dealing with dial up, gasp! The microwave is quite old and slow. It has a turn dial to adjust the cooking time. Heck, I'm even percolating my own coffee -- no Mr. Coffee here!

So, with all that being said, I'm turning my blog into sort of a diary, for the following reasons (I'm in a list it mood today):

1) It's a neat, easy way to keep family back home informed of our happenings.

2) Don't you think it will be interesting to hear about a Florida, city girl transplanted to Ohio in a town with population of about 12,000, living in an old house without some of the modern conveniences? Well . . . ok, so maybe it's not that interesting . . . but will you vow to read it anyway?

3) I've never lived away from my hometown or my family. This will be a journey . . . one with good days and one with bad days. I may need YOU. Yes, you! I may need some encouragement. I may need a friend. So . . . won't you be a pal and keep coming back!

Well, I guess that's about it. I do sincerely ask for your patience -- I am dealing with dial up and other electrical global verbal technical difficulties.

Update on the girls:

Both were put on antibiotics by the Urgent Care doctor for ear infection and such. Both seem to be doing much, much better.