Saturday, March 22, 2008

Don't quit your day job!

Well, my friends, I'm sorry to say that I will not be entering the field of refrigerator repair anytime soon. My diagnosis was completely inaccurate. Instead, we had a bad defrost timer ?!? (BTW, that would have been my second guess wink!wink!) Anywhoo, glad to report that all is cold again in the Striving home. Our milk is cold, our butter is firm, and mamma is happy, again!

Striving for some sanity!

Can I just say, there a three things that a Florida girl never wants to be without:

1) Air Conditioning
2) Water
3) A Refrigerator -- Uggh!

I love my Kenmore stainless steel refrigerator. It's so sleek & stylish. However, I'd love it more, if I didn't keep having to replace the compressor relay! Last August, I learned a hard lesson. After noticing that everything in my freezer was melting, I attempted to self diagnose fridge. I took everything out -- did the hairdryer thing. You know? Trying to defrost it!?! Why? I'm not sure. There was no ice built up or anything like that. I just remember seeing my parents do something to that effect when I was younger. Well, after I had wasted the day trying everything I could think of, it was far too late to call a repairman. Hubby was out of town and my food was spoiling each minute, as I struggled to call friends and family and ask to borrow coolers to put the food in. Needless to say, the repairman came out the next morning and fixed the problem. But the food? Nope, the food didn't make it. So, not only was I left with a $140 refrigerator repair bill, but a big 'ole grocery bill to boot!

So, last night when I noticed Maddy's milk didn't seem as cold as it should be, I alerted hubby, who quickly went into "refrigerator repairman" mode and grabbed his tool box. He unscrewed, yanked, wiggled, unplugged, reset and voila . . . nope, didn't work! I'm almost positive it is the same deal as last time. Only this time, I think we're going to be able to save the food IF the repairman would GET.HERE.ALREADY! He's 15 minutes late!

I'll let you know how it turns out . . . just thought you might want to know what's going on in our household today . . .

Well, that's not the only thing! We WILL be dying Easter eggs tonight! And I'll have to tell you about our Easter Party we attended yesterday!

What's that? A knock at my door? Aarrggghhh! Just a Baby Lulu! Mr. Refrigerator Repairman . . . WHERE ARE YOU?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This out of the mouths of babes!

Maddy and Mommy headed home from the store -- only the two of us in the car. Picture this: it's completely dark outside and Maddy has on her pink sunglasses, her diva sequin bag draped on her arm which is securely holding her money (60 whole cents!)

Mommy: "Maddy, you're such a silly turkey!"

Maddy: "Why tank you mudder!"

*Want a $25 giftcard to Well then go here.

Got a favor to ask of you . . .

I know! The nerve of me . . . being gone so long and all and here I just show up and ask for favors. But, in my defense, I REALLY do need your help. Because, well . . . I'm about as creative as . . . well . . . I'M NOT! And I've asked someone to help me redesign my blog. New title, new tag line, new look . . . that's right folks -- I'm sparing no expense to bring a little sunshine to my bloggy audience. But, this is where I run into problems. What in the world am I gonna name the new blog??? And this is where the favor comes into play . . . I know that there are a lot of creative juices packed into my most favorite bloggy readers (ahem . . . that's you!) Can you all atleast just point me into the right direction! Here are some things you might want to know:

1) I'm a stay-at-home mom to two little girls
2) I'm a girly girl -- love polka dots, handbags and shoes
3) I'm married to a wonderful man - who is, unfortunately, absentee ALOT -- which makes for good blog fodder!
4) My name is Summer and I love warm weather, walks on the beach, christian music (oh my . . . this sure sounds like I'm soliciting a mate instead of a blog title!)

Anyhoo . . . I guess you can get started from there. I've actually thought about creating a name centered about my name. You know, somehow incorporating Summer in title or artwork!?!

So, if you don't mind, give it some thoughts and leave me some answers in my comments. Once I receive a few nominations, I'll add a poll some you all can vote. And for the most creative person who submits the winning entry, you'll receive a $25 giftcard. That's right . . . I take care of my peeps!

Ok . . . go forth and be creative!