Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 1 Ohio: January 2, 2008

Temp: 14 degrees F, -15 windchill
About 2 inches of snow

Well, this is my first day without Robert here. Maddy had a bad night last night. Let me back up and give you some history here. At home, Maddy and Baby Lulu share a room. They both still sleep in a crib – Maddy’s crib is white and Baby Lulu’s is oak/natural wood. When we set off on our journey to Ohio, we decided not to load up the Pack-n-Play because we really did not have the room in the car. I knew Hubby’s parents still had a white crib that we could borrow and I assumed that Maddy could just sleep in a twin bed that was there in the room that she would be sharing with Baby Lulu. So, fast forward . . . we arrive at Grandma’s house. Dad W had already set up the crib for Baby Lulu and we were ready for the girls to get a nap. So, we promptly put them to bed after we arrived. We explained to Madison that the twin bed is a “big girl” bed. And that since she is a “big girl” now, she’ll be sleeping in the “big girl” bed. Her response: “I not a big girl. No bed Mama.”

Since then, she has continually climbed out of the bed and into Baby Lulu’s crib. So, I've resolved to put Maddy in the white crib and Baby Lulu in the natural/oak colored play pen. I think this will work better as Maddy relates to the white crib as being her crib from home.

Today, there is snow, snow and more snow. Pretty chilly outside, but quite warm inside. Thank you Lord for heat! I think we are expecting to have some warm weather soon.

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At A Hen's Pace said...

I love all the pics--they make me homesick! So many memories back there...

Glad you got the bed issue worked out--hope it becomes a familiar arrangement to them soon.