Friday, August 31, 2007

Funky Friday

Ok, it's Friday and I've been up for the past two nights coughing up a lung. No seriously, I think I lost one last! So, in the spirit of colds and viral infections, I've titled my post accordingly. Back away from your monitor . . . this stuff may be contagious!

Anyway . . . enough talk about mucus and coughing and infections (cough! cough!)

In a moment of sheer impulse, I scheduled myself an appointment at the hair salon last night. I'm a hair stylists dream come true. Here's my hair philosophy:

"It's just hair! It'll grow back!"

So, I went in to see my trustee hair stylist, who, might I add, I have been seeing for at least 3 years. And in all those years, there have been several, ok alot, of times that I have walked away from her chair thinking, "Hmm . . . not exactly the look I was going for, but it will do, I guess." Then, I go home and make a few minor adjustments and voila . . . better!

Well, I had this revalation last night that I needed a change. I needed something shorter. A little sassy. A little sexy. A little . . . well, just different. So, I showed my stylist a couple of pictures I had snipped from a magazine and gave her permission to work her magic. She was a little afraid at first. She asked me what prompted this need for change. (I mean, she needed to be sure that this was not a hormone induced request. You know--one of those days when you hate your hair, you hate your clothes, you hate everything! And then the next day you're fine, right?) So, I assured her that this was a well thought out decision (not!) and I would be perfectly fine with whatever she did to my hair.

Two hours later . . . Y'all! I look like a boy! No seriously, I do! I climbed out of that chair trying so hard not to show disappointment or cry 'cause remember, I said I'd be fine! But I really just wanted to pay my bill as fast as possible and get the heck outta there!

So, on the drive home, I thought to myself, What have I done? Ok, ok, is it really that bad? (Looking in the mirror) Yikes, it is, it is! And I've got family coming into town this weekend. Great! Just great! I look like I've been scalped. Oh, what will hubby say about this? I was just supposed to be going in for a trim and here I come out looking like one of his guy friends!

So, I get home, walk through the door and shout, in the general direction of my husband, "It's short, really short! I'm sorry and I don't like it!"

Hubby turns around, looks at me and says the words every woman with a bad haircut wants to hear, "It looks great babe!" Huh? Whahhhh? Can you say that again? Really? You think so? Well, maybe it's not that bad?

So, I know, I know, you want pictures people. Well, I'll be getting those posted today. It's just, I can't post one until I wash it today and style it myself. #1, I've got serious bedhead right now, and #2, It's just too early to be taking pictures of myself.

So, stay tuned and I'll get those pictures up as soon as I can.

Oh and hubby, thanks for knowing the right thing to say! XXOOO


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

With a face as pretty and feminine as yours, there is no way on earth you could ever look like a boy, even if you got a crew cut! I can't wait to see the picture, I bet you anything I'm going to LOVE it. I wish I could make myself take the plunge to a super short cut. I think it would probably look cute and be so darned liberating. Maybe your new do will inspire me.

At A Hen's Pace said...

I can't imagine you NOT looking cute.

I also can't imagine my brother coming out with the tactful lie, so it must seriously be just fine!