Monday, August 27, 2007

Coffee . . . need lots of coffee!

Post updated to include pic of invitation.

Well, I was just reviewing my calendar for the next couple of weeks and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. We've got a couple of big events coming up. Maddy1 is going to tranform into Maddy2 in just a couple of weeks. I've got a big party planned and have been working on the details. Just finished up invitations last night. Honestly, I don't know why I must make things harder than they really have to be. For instance, instead of buying the cheap 'ole 8 invitations for $1.50, I had to scan a picture of Mickey Mouse onto my computer; import about the 3 different designs; tweek it for hours; buy special postcard/invitation paper; print, adjust, reprint, adjust; add cute little ribbon . . . and finally -- DONE! (sigh) A lot of work but they sure are cute!!! (Not a great scanning job, I know. But you get the idea)

I've got my cousins coming into town this weekend. They will be staying out at our condo on the beach. I'll meet up with them Sat night for a nice little, kid free dinner!! Yyyiippppeee! A hot dinner! Then we'll all get together for a good 'ole fashioned southern cook out. Gonna be lots of fun!

Hubby will be having knee surgery the week immediately following Maddy1's birthday.

I begin real estate class on Sept 24th (scheduled to end on Oct 17). That's four weeks of Monday, Wednesday & Friday class from 9 am - 4 pm. God Bless my mother -- she'll be watching the two girls for me.

Immediately following the end of that class, I will begin the end of my college courses. Looks like I have a hand full of classes to finish up. Can't wait!!! To finish up, that is!

And then, we're into Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Not to mention, I'm trying to visit family in Kansas in October. A 15 hour driving trip! Wanna take bets on whether I'll have any hair left after that trip?

Oh and not on the schedule is the nice little cold that I've picked up from Baby Lulu. Scratchy throat, runny nose and all around just don't feel good!

Anyway . . . must stop writing and get to doing! Hope you all are having a great start to the week!


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Wow. Sounds like a whirlwind. Sorry you're all sick... that's no fun. Eat some chicken soup and feel better soon! Oh and Real Estate license! How exciting!

Sincerely Anna said...

Wow is right! You impress my socks off! Good luck on the real estate classes. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Nice to meet ya!