Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just call me the Pioneer Woman!

Temp: Low 12 degrees (f), high 25 degrees (f)
Snow: None
Wind: 5-10 mph
Windchill: 7 degrees (f)

Why is it that I only need wood for the fire when it’s 20 degrees or below? Seriously! It seems that I always run out of wood when it’s the coldest. I stock pile ahead and keep a continuous fire, but it always seems to work out that I don’t need or have room for any fire wood on the warmest days! Go figure!

Today, I bundled up and hauled some fire wood up to the house. Now, when I say I “hauled”, I literally mean that I walked myself and the wheel barrow out to the corn crib (which might I add is about 50-75 yards away from the house) and loaded wood into the wheel barrow (from the farthest side of the corn crib because hubby says it’s the driest), walked myself and the wheel barrow all the way to the front porch of the house (because that door is the closest to the fireplace) and unload the wood inside (whew! I get tired just thinking about it!) -- and did I mention it’s 25 degrees outside and up hill both ways!

Now my father-in-law, has one of these and it sure makes hauling wood so much easier!! I used it last Monday and even had enough energy to take some wood down to his house. I’m so glad that he has this to use because the wood is kept down here and he lives about 150 yards or so away. Man, that would not be fun, hauling wood all the way down there! Guess I should quit my complaining!

And truth be told, I could ask my father-in-law to use this again, but :

1) If I do that, I won’t be able to justify the need for a manicure at my friend’s salon – please huney, I REALLY NEED one! Let’s do inventory of both hands . . . I’ve got 3 scratches, 2 burns, 3 broken nails and a cut (the cut is actually from the potato peeler, and I guess the burns are actually from making this and really the broken nails – well that just comes along with the territory of having two children --- but don’t tell hubby!) Oh darn, he’s reading this! Well, can I have the manicure anyway? Pretty plllllleeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeee!

2) I won’t be able to use this story later on my children---it would go a little something like this . . . You see kids, Momma knows what REAL work is . . . remember that winter we stayed at Grandma’s when you were little? Well, Momma hauled wood for the fireplace to keep the fire going just to keep you girls warm. My hands were worn and tired, but I kept gathering ‘cause I had you babies to look after. It was so cold – most times I couldn’t feel my nose. It was uphill both ways and I had to make several trips. I love you that much! Now, go clean up your room and just be glad that’s all I’m asking you to do! See, doesn’t that make a good lecture?

All in all, I’m enjoying my time here. I told hubby that I really do feel less stressed. It’s kind of a “vacation” but not. I mean, I still do all of the things that I would have to do at home – only, I’m doing them somewhere else. So, I’ve got this all figured out . . . I can consistently vacation for the next few years if I just keep swapping houses every 2 months or so!

Stayed tuned for my next post . . . which hopefully I’ll be able to get posted in the next day or so --- you’ll hear just how domesticated I’ve really become!


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

That utility vehicle looks like serious fun! I'd haul wood just to get to use it. Sounds like by and large you are enjoying yourself a bit more and I'm glad to hear it. I used to be in charge of our family's wood stove in the winter (granted, we lived in the South so we probably didn't burn as much wood as you are) and I sorta miss that wood-haulin', fire buildin', flame fannin', smoke smellin' stuff. Made me feel useful and ... rugged! Your girls will love to hear about their mom the pioneer woman. I think you are brave and strong and I'm proud of you!

At A Hen's Pace said...

"So, I’ve got this all figured out . . . I can consistently vacation for the next few years if I just keep swapping houses every 2 months or so!"

I like it! You may be on to something!!


Anna K. said...

Girl, you are one tough momma! I'm glad to hear you're not feeling so overwhelmed anymore, but actually seem to be having a little fun. Good for you!