Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 23 Ohio: January 20, 2008

Temp: 7 degrees (f), windchill 10-20 degrees below 0
Snow: None

Can you hear that? No? Well, if you could, it'd be my teeth chattering! Holy cow – it ought to be illegal for the town to function in this frigid weather. People are nuts! Can you believe people are going about their normal lives as if it weren’t cold enough to freeze meat. Really, if you run out of room in your freezer , just put the extras right out there on your back porch. People actually do that, I think!

Heck, in Florida, if there’s even a chance of snow flurry or temperatures below freezing, the entire town shuts down. No kidding! Schools close, roads close, grocery stores are ransacked for the last gallon of milk and the last loaf bread, favorite TV shows are interrupted every five minutes with the latest Storm Tracker weather report. Seriously! If we even think there will be snow or cold weather for that matter, we hunker down and darn near hibernate until spring or until temps rise above 50 degrees (F)! Ok -- maybe I'm exaggerating a teenie bit. But cold weather is not really anything I can relate to. We’ve been known to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts to the family Christmas celebration.

As I sat here, in frigid Ohio, lamenting to my family via cellphone of the ungodly weather bestowed upon us, I was comforted in knowing that it was indeed, cold back home too. Yes siree Bob . . . my brother called and said temps were in the 20’s. And then, of course, we got into a friendly verbal match, each trying to “out do” the other with our tales of weather hardships. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Oh yes, we really shouldn't leave the house. But we ventured out to church anyway. And it takes FOREVER to get both girls bundled up. And then when I finally do, and I get each girl out to the car, I realize that I have to adjust the car seat straps because both have increased in size about 4 inches! All the while, my fingers are about to freeze off as the wind whips through the vehicle. By the way, what does frost bite look like? I may need medical attention. And you know like on the Christmas story, when his tongue sticks to the frozen lamp post – well, that’s what almost happens to my fingers every time I grab the steering wheel without my gloves!”

Brother: “Yeah, well, we had a puddle in the pasture and when we woke up this morning, it was frozen -- FROZEN I tell you! Now, how often does that happen?”

Me: {gasp} “Well, they say that if you stay out in this wind here for more than thirty minutes, you’re sure to get frost bite -- I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from some. I could lose a finger!!!”

Brother: “You know that little frozen puddle I was telling you about . . . well, one of the cows got stuck in it and tipped over and he almost died. We had to go out there in this COLD, COLD weather, pick him up and just about carry him to the other side of the pasture! Man, he was heavy!”

Well folks, how do you top a tripping cow that almost died – you can’t! So, I waved the white flagged and surrendered the argument.

Anyway, we are expecting warmer temperatures within the next couple of days. We may actually top out at 30 degree (F). They’re calling for snow all day tomorrow (Tuesday).

Blockbuster . . . here we come!

I'll leave you again with another picture . . .

When I said that I have to hose down my kids after meals, I wasn't kidding!


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Call it a draw - one way or another, you both have frozen meat in your back yards. It's just that yours has been packaged and wrapped.

Anna K. said...

Yep, I live in the south and it's big news for the temps to drop below freezing. And if it's going to snow - forget about it! Adults and kids alike are plastered to the windows in expectation of that first fluffy flake.
And I LOVE the pic of your baby covered in food! How cute! You should see my 5 yr. old after a bowl of chocolate ice cream....