Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hard lesson learned!

Ok, so this is what happens when Hubby comes home after three weeks of being away.

Look closely - that's the lining hanging out the end of the legs of the pants. What you see is my favorite Ann Taylor trousers (no, I did not pay $168 for them -- they were on sale!). They are dry clean only. Well, Hubby, seeing as he's been gone for the last three weeks, was unaware that the laundry basket held all laundry - even my dry clean items. So, in his attempt to "help out", he washed my trousers (sniff! sniff!)

His response, "I don't think it's such a good idea to put the dry clean items in the laundry basket!"

My response, "Well I never thought you'd actually wash them!"

To my pants: I will miss you dearly. You were one of 3 pairs of pants that actually fit me. You were elegant, sophisticated and brought out the best in me. I'll never forget you. Rest in peace my friend. (sniff! sniff!)

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