Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meals Make Memories!

I'm participating in Fried Okra's "Meals Make Memories" carnival. Head on over there and check out some other lovely stories.

My most memorable meal . . . well, this will sound silly and it's pretty simple in nature. I was a young girl when my parents divorced. We spent a week with each parent, rotating throughout the year. My Dad did the best he could to take care of 3 children on his own. I think he did very well -- but that's another post altogether. Anyway, one night, my brothers and I asked,

Us: "What's for dinner?"

Dad: "It's a surprise!"

Us: "What is it daddy?"

Dad: "I told you, it's a surprise!"

We sat down at the table to find little hotdog franks wrapped in dough. It wasn't much, but they were so good! Little did we know, our surprise was actually pigs in a blanket.

From that day forward we asked for "surprises" atleast once a week.

Thanks Dad for taking the time to make something so simple into something so special.


FriedOkra said...

What a great surprise! I love me some pigs in blankets! Thanks for participating, lovely lady!

T with Honey said...

I'm so amazed at the way this carnival is showing just how much we remember the little things.