Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday #3 - Brand Edition

Well, Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer has asked us to use this "Works for Me Wednesday" to tell everyone about our favorite brand names. We don't always buy name brands. I'm willing to buy generic. But, there are some brands that are tried, tested and true and I will not compromise.

Pampers diapers -- Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. I started both girls off in Pampers Swaddlers - special edition diapers for infants. The diapers are so soft and snug to the fit. Never a leak! I've tried the cheaper brands and generics, but they either leak or don't fit well and Maddy1 complains that they give her an "oowwiiee". So, we'll stick with these jewels!

Lancome -- I love the eye shadow. They've got great colors and nothing stays on and looks fresh like this brand of eye shadow.

Kraft products -- love Kraft cheese, Kraft Mac n Cheese, and especially Kraft Mayo. I do not compromise on mayo -- got to be Kraft!

Honda -- I love my Honda Accord SE and I love my Honda Pilot. Both drive so smooth. Nothing rattles on the inside. Love 'em!

Tide detergent -- I love Tide detergent. I find it really gets our clothes clean. With two little ones, you know I need a detergent that can remove stains. I highly recommend Tide.

Dawn dishwasing detergent -- Cuts right through the grease just like they say it does.

Well, I'm all out of time. For more "Works for Me Wednesday", go here.


Kathy in WA said...

Great list! I'm a big Pampers fan (although at this point my five are all out of diapers - Hooray!).

We're driving a Honda right now and it's so reliable.

Thanks for sharing!

Duckabush Blog

Anonymous said...

Yes, love that Tide! That is definitely a mommy favorite, evidently! And the hondas, I can wax lyrical... I had a civic before the 3rd came, and it was great, too. My husband has an accord. He says if he was a car, he'd be a white honda accord, which is what he owns. :)
Pampers, why would you try anything else? ah, baby smell...
Thanks for stopping by today! I enjoyed visiting. Your girls are gorgeous, and good for you, staying home with them. The days drag sometimes, but the years, they fly. Enjoy.

Family O'Foxes said...

Oh yum- Kraft mac n cheese! I'm with you on that one! :)

I'm also a Tide girl! Tide is great!

Anonymous said...

I like most of your brands & thanks for listing! The ones I don't know is because I haven't tried them!!! (I know it's not a good sentence,haha) I do like Ivory Liquid for my hands---is Dawn gentle on the hands? Love, Pianomum

Anonymous said...

Hey, loved your review of brands...the ones I don't claim as my own are ones I haven't tried (yet), but will try now since you've mentioned them, e.g. Lancome. Is Dawn gentle on the hands? I love Ivory Liquid for that, especially in the wintertime, when I won't use anything else but it. Love, Pianomum