Thursday, January 3, 2008


Yes, I said it! The Florida girl has been transplanted right smack dab in the middle of Ohio and I think I just might freeze to death! Seriously! I've been here less than a week and I can't feel my toes - EVER. The high today was 22 degrees (F). I've decided to hibernate. It should be illegal to have to go anywhere when temps are below 50. Yes, 50 is about the coldest I can take.

To my loyal readers (if there are any of you) I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long. Guess you can say I was on a "bloggy break." Christmas was a blur. We spent most of the time juggling around Hubby's schedule and then rushing to pack and leave to visit family in Ohio. So, to catch you all up . . .

Christmas -- what a blessed time. I got so many neat things. Hubby and I put ourselves on a budget this year, thereby, forcing each other to be creative with our Christmas gifts. And I was not disappointed - not by any means. My hubby stepped up to the plate and delivered. I won't get into telling you about every gift but I'll mention one of my favorites. Two years ago, after the birth of our first child, my hubby gave me a charm bracelet. It's beautiful, two tone and very feminine. On that bracelet is a charm representing each of our girls. From time to time on different occasions, hubby will add a charm to the bracelet (so will my BFF Teena -- I'd say she's probably given me half of the charms on the bracelet). Well, this Christmas, he gave me a silver set of wings engraved with the word "pilot". I've always wanted some sort of airplane/pilot charm to represent my hubby (for those of you who don't know, hubby flies airplanes). This charm was so much cuter than I could have ever imagined that he would have picked out. So, to me, the bracelet feels complete . . . I have my two girls and my hubby close to me all the time. And notice that I said the bracelet feels complete -- not full, so hubby . . . and Teena, keep those charms coming!!!

The girls had a great time. Maddy is now at the age where she understood Christmas a little this year. Fortunately for us, though, she didn't understand the timing. So, we were able to have Christmas around hubby's work schedule.

All in all, I'd have to say we had a wonderful Christmas. We were with friends and family . . . laughing, hugging, sharing -- what more can a girl ask for!


Moving on to New Year's . . . we spent a wonderful New Year's Eve with my brother-in-law and his wife and her family. Great food . . . great company! We rang in the New Year together watching the ball drop in Times Square (on TV, of course). It's been a while since the four of us were able to just get away and talk. So, I'm glad we did. And we should really do it more often. And I want to say a quick "thank you" to them --- we really did have a wonderful time.

As far as New Year resolutions, I don't make 'em. Each year, I just try to resolve to take things one day at a time. And to learn . . . and be better . . . a better wife, a better mother, a better sister, a better friend, a better daughter, a better cousin and most of all, a better reflection of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So, there you have it folks ---


In other news . . .

I've got a big announcement, but you'll have to come back on Saturday and read it here!

Hmmmmmm . . . I can just see the wheels turning now . . .

See ya on Saturday!

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At A Hen's Pace said...

I am all sympathy. It's F-F-f-f-reezing here too! And to think we're looking at moving 75 miles NORTH of here!

One of my friends from Minnesota told me one helpful thing. She said to think of it as mind over matter and don't tense up and think about how cold it is, just relax into the cold, even think how nice the chill feels. It does help--a tiny bit!

Can't wait for your announcement... you've got me all curious!