Sunday, November 4, 2007

What in the world do pods have to do with coffee making?

About two weeks ago, I received a Phillips Senseo coffee maker for FREE! Yes, that's right, I said for FREE! You can imagine my excitement when the mailman rang my door bell and there it was waiting for me. So, Maddy and I immediately brought it inside and ripped the box open. And then, disappointment struck. What? It only makes a cup at a time? I hate those machines. They're too much work! I just want a whole pot of coffee sitting there, steaming, waiting for me to refill. So, I promptly set it aside and thought "Re-gift!"

Fast forward two days later . . . I took a second look at the coffee maker and thought, These nice people at Phillips sent me this coffee maker for FREE in good faith, hoping that I would try it, love it and tell others about it. And I haven't even bothered to pull it out of it's box. Shame on me! So, I began to think some advantages to using this coffee maker in hopes of prodding myself along and cranking up the machine:

1) Hubby is gone 1/2 of the month. Instead of making a big pot of coffee when he's gone, I could make one cup at a time and save myself the trouble of using the big machine.

2) Since it is only making the coffee one cup at a time, every cup is hot and fresh.

3) Oh yes, the pod thingys. They come in different flavors and such, so each morning I could technically have a different flavor.

4) It has a sleek, attractive, modern design. I wouldn't mind this machine sitting out on my counter.

So, I plugged the machine in and decided to give it a whirl. I did a quick little clean of the machine and then it was raring to go. I lifted up the front lever, inserted one pod, closed the top, filled the water compartment and pushed the button. In about 90 seconds, I had a fresh cup of coffee, sitting there waiting on me. Cool! And the coffee? IT.WAS.DELICIOUS. How easy was that!

So, then I remembered that I had French Vanilla and Cappuccino pods and decided to experiment. I did half an 8oz cup with the french vanilla coffee pod and then in the same cup, swap pods and used the cappuccino. And right then and there, I had a French Vanilla cappuccino --- SOLD! I immediately fell in love with this machine. The whole process took less than 2 minutes. That's right ladies -- no running to Starbucks -- no dragging out the Espresso/Cappuccino maker, grinding the beans, frothing the milk -- no ma'm. It was so simple. And so GOOD! I added a little Reddi wip
on top and voila --- heaven on earth in my cup!

"Senseo advertises it's system as a way to personalize your coffee. The coffee pod system lets you savor a single serving of coffee at the touch of a button, just the way you like it, whenever you like it!"

With the great coffee, ease of use and sleek design, the Senseo is sure to be a hit.

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Target is selling this machine for $65 (or atleast my local Target is). However, Senseo was so generous as to send me a few $20 gift certificates to be used on the purchase of a machine. So, if you're interested, please let me know and I'll get one to you (first ask, first get basis! Supplies are limited so ACT NOW!). Of course, Senseo's website sells the machines and pods, but they have the machine listed at $69.99 -- and then you have to pay shipping and handling. I priced the pods at Target and they were selling 2 bags for $7. Each bag contains between 10-18 pods, depending on the flavor and variety. I was able to use each pods for 3 to 4 cups of coffee (though they recommend you use a fresh pod for each cup of coffee -- why waste a good pod, I say!)

Well, I hope that I have shared some helpful information! Feel free to comment with questions and I'll try to answer them.

*As with any products I write about on this blog, I am not being paid to endorse those products. This product was provided to me free of charge from Phillips and I agreed to tell others about my experience -- good or bad.

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