Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our very own waterpark back in the good 'ole days!

Ok - I'm going to take you back. Think summer, at least 20 years or more ago. My two cousins and me and my two brothers gathered at my grandparent's home every Saturday. We were bored with the same 'ole cops and robber gig. Boys against girls. We wanted to shop, they wanted to arrest us. Uuugghhh! (Don't laugh, you know you did the same thing!) And then, one amazing Saturday, it was different. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my Dad approach us with a box in his hand. No it can't be! Is it really? Did my Dad just show up with the Original Slip and Slide 1000? (Ok, there really is no Slip and Slide 1000 - but doesn't that sound way cooler than Original Slip and Slide?)

Open it! Open it! Can we set it up now? It was chaos. Five kids ripping at the box. I can still picture the bright yellow slide. We unrolled it and it stretched for what seemed like miles (ok, maybe not -- but it was long enough!) Down each side of the slide was a tunnel with holes -- sorta like a sprinkler and it kept a continuous stream of water on the slide - hence making the yellow plastic slide slippery. And remember the metal stakes that were used to hold down the corners? Oh, those totally wouldn't fly in today's world. Oh, no. Definite cause for a recall. I mean, it's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out, right?

We left the water running onto the slide (so it could do it's thang--I'm talking about making it slippery -- I don't know where your mind is) and we went and changed into our swim suits.

So, bathing suits on, check. Hair pulled back, check. Boys go first, check. Hey, I'm not breaking a nail or something. Somebody needs to test this thing out first.

So, one by one, the boys lined up. They'd each get a running start and then fling their body onto the yellow slide (all the while squealing like a girl! ha! ha!) When I deemed it to be safe, I decided try it out. I ran . . . and ran and stopped. Oh yes, I'm supposed to slide. Ok, ok . . . do over! So, I ran . . . and ran . . . and then, oh my gosh, I forgot to slide . . . my feet hit the slippery slide. I started doing some sort of ice skating acrobatic move, arms flailing in the air, gasps from bystanders and finally, (plop!) I landed smack dab at the end of the slide on my back side. Completely and utterly humiliated, I checked to see if anything was hanging out of my suit before I stood up to take my bow. By this time, there are no longer gasps, but loud laughing and chuckling taking place. Oh which reminds me, don't let me forget to tell you about the time we decided to add Dawn dish detergent to the slide (he!he!he!)

Anyway, I tell you this silly story only because (to make a long story even longer) I happened to be shopping the other day and to my amazement, saw a box that said Slip and Slide. Oh my goodness, they still have those things? But as I examined the box more closely, I couldn't believe my eyes. Y'all! Do you know that Slip and Slides now have wade pools and floats attached to them. I mean, it's like a miny water park or somethin'. And they even have this one called a Speed racer (I think?). It's two slides in one so that you can race someone to the end. Well I never!

Just goes to show ya how much things have really changed. We were happy with a yellow piece of plastic, stretched out on the lawn, with the water hose running water over it. Nope, no moving parts. No computer attached. Nothing. Just good clean fun!

Oh, those were the good 'ole days!

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