Thursday, July 26, 2007

Working out, working in . . . when will I work it off?

*For those of you visiting from "At A Hen's Pace" - thank you! Please read some of my other posts -- I promise not all of them are as shallow minded as this post :-)

OK, y'all! I've been going to the gym 3 days a week for over a month now. I began my quest 6 months postpartum. When, When, When will I start seeing results?

It was quite embarrassing. I arrived at the gym (4 weeks ago) to meet with a personal trainer. We introduced ourselves and she began measuring me with a measuring tape - my arms, my bust, my abdomen, my waist, my rear end, my thighs. And then I had to stand on the dreaded scale, right there, in the middle of the gym as she recorded my starting weight. I was asked to tell her my work out goals and here was my response:

1) Weight loss
2) Toning and shaping
3) General cardio

So, she set me up on a schedule. Mondays I work upper body and do at least 20 minutes of cardio. Wednesdays I work lower body and do at least 20 minutes of cardio. Friday is strictly cardio. Oh -- I forgot to mention that I do ab exercises all 3 days. So . . . with that being said (drum roll) I've lost a whopping 5 lbs But I still feel like a mess. I've changed my eating habits. I'm eating healthier and less. So what gives? It's frustrating to work so hard and not feel like you see any results.

Give it to me straight girls . . . will I ever be able to tone my body, specifically abs after having had two children?

My darling husband raves about the way I look -- but let me tell ya a secret . . . I know he's lying 'cause he hasn't seen me in more than 2 weeks! He's hilarious! He still has pictures of me on his computer -- pre-pregnancy, size 4, flat toned tummy. Maybe that's how he's remembering me (wink!wink!)

I know, I know! Some women just call their extra skin and stretch marks their beautiful battle scars from having those precious little babies. That's so sweet! But not me! It just ain't me! I'm a little vain . . . I admit it. I want to feel fit. I want to be fit. (Sigh . . .bottom lip poking out!)

Ok, I have to be honest. I'm not just working out for vain reasons. I've got extremely high cholesterol and the doctor put me on a diet and ordered me to exercise. At the time, we thought we could control it my cholesterol levels with diet and exercise. I've since learned however, (this is a totally, non medically correct description of what the doctor said - sorry I can't remember the big words!) that there is something in the liver that tells your body when to stop producing cholesterol. Well, apparently, I don't have whatever that is -- my body continuously makes cholesterol. So, the heart doctor said that diet and exercise would not be able to control the level. He's suggested that I begin medication, which would essentially cut my cholesterol levels in half. So, there's the real story behind the working out . . . but I still admit to being vain.

So, I'm seeking your assistance. If you have any work out tips, advice, encouragement . . . please, please, please leave a comment! Somebody is reading this blog and I'd love to hear from all of you!


At A Hen's Pace said...

Alas, I have little to offer on this topic, but (dodging a tomato) I have asked for others to pipe up!

Also, I love your new look!



Linds said...

Hi there... I am here from At a Hen's Pace...
You WILL get back to normal. I promise! Water. Drink litres a day, and with the exercise and moderated diet, it will all happen. When I went to a dietician years back, each week she weighed and measured me, and it was astonishing how many inches I lost, even when I lost no weight. So don't give up. And believe your husband when he says he thinks you are beautiful. He means it!