Friday, June 22, 2007

Things about me

Here are some things to know about me:

1) I love surprises

2) I rarely get surprised

3) Somehow I always find out about the surprise

4) I'm nosey

5) Might be why it's impossible to surprise me

6) I love my husband

7) He's my most favorite person in the world

8) He is so good lookin' (you'd agree if you ever saw him)

9) I hate peanut butter

10) My oldest daughter Maddy1 is allergic to peanuts

11) I miss working

12) I miss the people at work

13) I'm sure I miss the people more than the work

14) The doctors told me I couldn't have children

15) They were wrong

16) I've had two

17) Without even trying!!!

18) We don't believe in birth control

19) Actually we do!

20) Must remember to take pill!

21) I graduated from highschool

22) Have taken some college

23) Feel like I'm never going to finish

24) Won't finish if I keep having babies!

25) I love the idea of working out at the gym

26) Just hard to get motivated to actually work out

27) You'd think this lumpy belly would do it

28) Nope, it just embarasses me

29) TMI!

30) I'm a born again Christian

31) I married a born again Christian

32) We are trying to raise God fearing, bible believing children

33) It's tough in this world to do that

34) I love my in-laws

35) My husband and I eloped

36) We went to Rome

37) Loved it!

38) He thinks otherwise

Now, you probably know more than you want to know!

1 comment:

At A Hen's Pace said...

Hey, girl, you're cooking right along here! I see all that good stuff in your sidebar!

Fun list here--the only surprises to me (I hate surprises, generally) were that you hate peanut butter and that Maddie1 is allergic. If you come visit you'll have to remind me! Everyone here loves PB except my husband, who, like you, dislikes it intensely.