Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Updates and more . . .

Well, I've settled on a new name and DCRmom is working on the design. We should have everything up and running here soon. Since it will be a new name and new blog, all of you who use Google Reader or some other program will need to change the feed to the new address.

Other updates, potty training is going well. We've had success if both areas, #1 and #2. We still have random accidents, but for the most part, I can say our little Maddy is potty trained! And in her words, I'll say "YIPPEE!"

I've got so much to write about. But, first things first, I'll need to set up the new blog today so that my wonderful blog designer can showcase her work. Stay tuned, 'cause when I finally do get everything up and running, I'll have to tell you how extremely pleased I am with the work and advice that she has provided to me.

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