Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Precious days

Last night, Maddy decided (30 minutes prior to bedtime, might I add) that she wanted to color. She pointed to the drawer that holds her crayons and paper and said "Color." So, I obliged. I sat her down on the special carpet (the one that protects our wood floor from her artwork). She took her crayons out of the box and began coloring. Hubby was reviewing some training on his computer and I thought, ah ha! I can finally get something done. So, I quickly walked away from Maddy and over to the table with my computer, hoping that she would continue coloring all by herself. Do you think she did? Nope! She came running to the table where I had sat down and then wanted to sit in my lap. So, I began to negotiate. "But Maddy, Momma got out your crayons. Don't you want to color?" So, she'd get down, walk about 2 steps away and then, when she realized that I was not following her over the the special carpet, she would turn around and come back. "Mama. Mama. Mama." She kept saying it over and over and over. And I kept saying "What? What? What?" Then she would say "Color." And I would say "Yes, please go color." And then . . . it would start all over again. "Mama. Mama. Mama." So, I picked her up and took her to her carpet. I sat her down and began showing her how to color. And you know what? You would have thought I had just said she could have ice cream or something. She looked at and smiled so big. She began to laugh and say "Tree, Mama. Tree, Mama." And I said, "Oh, you want Mama to draw a tree? Ok." And then it hit me. DUH! She just wanted some attention. These are the most precious days MAMA -- wake up! They're going to fly by and before you know it, you'll be begging her to sit down with YOU for a few minutes. So, we colored! We drew trees, and clouds, and grass, and houses . . . you name it, we drew it! And we had a great time.

Maddy . . . thank you for coloring with Mama. I had a great time!

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Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Wise, wise, wise you were. I don't know why but I always have a hard time with the coloring... I need to make myself do it anyway!